Xeriscaping References Documments

Professionally installed and maintained xeriscaping is recommended to reduce water consumption, provide for native species, reduce stormwater runoff, reduce urban heat sink effect, enhance an owner’s property and that of the Community at large. Landscaping and xeriscaping must be installed in accordance with the Covenants Sections 5.6 & 6.2 and the applicable Architectural Standards. Xeriscaping must be installed such that no adverse drainage impacts occur to neighboring properties. Owners are responsible for protecting their foundation from water and ensuring the lot maintains proper grading and drainage. Drainage easements around the property may not be blocked or misdirected. The Covenants require improvements to include landscaping to be submitted for review and approval before work commences. If changes are made that have not been approved or in violation of the Covenants or Architectural Standards, the HOA has the responsibility to require the owner to correct or remove the improvement(s).

Owners must complete a Xeriscaping Improvement Request Form for review and approval before landscaping and grading changes are made. Owners please log into the Owners Portal to find the request form under DOCUMENTS-FORMS-ARC. Requests and forms can be uploaded online through the owners portal under MY ITEMS-SUBMIT A REQUEST-ARC REQUEST or by email to <StetsonHillsMaster@ehammersmith.com> Thank you.

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