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Dear Owners,
On behalf of everyone at Hammersmith®, thank you for allowing us to be of service to your Association. We are eager to assist each of you, and look forward to working in partnership to maintain the beauty and assets of the Community while also managing its responsibilities and obligations. Our long term goals are to help the Boards achieve the vision for your Community, provide accurate information for sound financial management and good decision making, and to work with everyone to enhance the Community’s appearance and maintain property values.
-The Hammersmith® Team

Management Office

If you have any questions or would like further information about the Community, contact us directly – we’re easy to reach.

Phone 719.389.0700
Email StetsonHillsMaster@eHammersmith.com
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1155 Kelly Johnson Blvd, Suite 495
Colorado Springs, CO 80920


The professionals of Hammersmith Management, Inc. have been dedicated to the advancement of quality living communities in Colorado for more than 38 years. We pride ourselves on working with Homeowners Association Boards and Homeowners in order to provide personalized and hands-on management benefits.

Incorporated in 1981, Hammersmith was born out of the need to provide comprehensive, customized, and flexible services for Homeowner Association Management. The company’s accomplished and highly educated leaders, Community Association Managers, accountants and experienced support staff are all committed service providers focused solely on meeting the needs of all 200+ Associations we manage.

At Hammersmith we believe there is both an art and science to building Community. We understand it means taking care of our business, our clients and our team. We also know it means contributing to the larger Community. Doing what we can to participate and support local non-profit agencies that serve others, and working in partnership to help our Community be strong. We understand we have an obligation to be responsible citizens, and that includes integrating charitable work into our corporate culture. We encourage and invite you to join us in this effort. Visit HMIunity.com for more information.

Community Associations Institute is the primary organization dedicated to fostering vibrant, responsive and competent Community Associations. The local chapters serve the educational, business, and networking needs of Community Associations for the State of Colorado. Members include condominium, cooperative, and Homeowners Associations as well as those who provide services and products to Associations.